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Spotlight: ShareSync

Next Gen Data Backup

If you’re in business, the need for good data backup should be readily apparent. Disaster can strike at any moment and losing data can be disaster_recovery_buttoncatastrophic for business. The I.T. Ranger is proud to offer ShareSync among our Cloud Infrastructure services. I.T. Ranger ShareSync brings together robust, secure data backup with sync and share options that allow you to collaborate across multiple devices and locations. With ShareSync, files are backed up in real-time as changes are made and a version history is kept, allowing you to restore any of those previous versions instantly. In the even of a disaster, be it natural, human error or even ransomware, your data is safe, stored on secure servers with 256-bit encryption and a 99.999% uptime guarantee. Don’t be at the mercy of tomorrow when you can leverage tomorrow’s technology today.

Your Data, Secured

Robust encryption is just the start of how we secure your data. Not only Data Securityis your data encrypted in transit and at rest, ShareSync provides detailed administration and privilege control so that only the people you designate can access the files you specify. You can assign access privileges to individuals or groups inside your company and beyond. ShareSync integrates with Active Directory, so your staff doesn’t have to remember another set of credentials.  What’s more, ShareSync provides a detailed audit trail for both users and files, so you know who did what to your files and when. With I.T. Ranger ShareSync you get:

  • 256-bit encryption for at-rest and in-transit data.
  • Unique encryption key for each account.
  • 999% uptime SLA.
  • SSAE 16 SOC2 Type II Reports.
  • Reporting and audit trail of account activities on both users and content.
  • Administrators can remotely wipe data from any registered device.
  • Ability to grant specific access permissions to each collaborator.
  • Locking features to prevent overwrites, conflicts or deletions.
  • Secure file links sent inside and outside your organization.

All this data is housed in a secure data center that provides:

  • Global Intrusion Prevention System protects cloud services.
  • Datacenter-level backup and file replication protects against loss or corruption of information.
  • Datacenters guarded by video moni­toring, motion detection and access control technology as well as 24/7 security personnel.

It’s the perfect solution for businesses that need to follow government or industry regulations (such as HIPPA compliance) for data storage.

Your Data, Compliant

If you’re concerned about HIPPA compliance, don’t be:HIPAA Compliant

  1. We will sign a Business Associate Agreement
  2. We undergo SOC 2 Type II audits
  3. We provide white-glove onboarding
  4. We support you 24/7

Your Data, Accessible

All this security and support is not at the expense of accessibility.  I.T. Ranger ShareSync provides Office 365 integration, co-editing capability, group sharing, password-protected share links and integrates with Active Directory It is available on iOS, Android, Mac & PC.

I.T. Ranger ShareSync includes features like automatic file versioning that ensures when a change is made to a file stored on ShareSync, a newer version is automatically created and added to the folder containing the earlier version. File versions are time-stamped and include the name of the user who made changes to the file.  Users can even subscribe to be notified when changes are made by other collaborators. The built-in audit trail allows administrators to see when a file was changed, what changes were made and who made them.

Your File Server in the Cloud

Cloud File ServerWhile I.T. Ranger ShareSync is great for backing up workstations and keeping your data in sync across devices, it also can sync your existing file server. If you have an existing file server in your office, but you want mobile users in the field to have access to the data, ShareSync is the perfect solution. All your data remains on your in-house file server, but is also encrypted and synced to the secure ShareSync servers, allowing any authorized ShareSync user to access and collaborate on those files anywhere in the world as long as they have an active Internet connection.

I.T. Ranger ShareSync provides your business with end-to-end security for your data, along with administrative tools to share, protect and manage your information. It provides enterprise-grade service starting at just $6/month for users and $50/month for file servers.

Contact us today to get your business on board with the next generation of data backup, sync and collaboration.

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