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It wasn’t that long ago that storing our data in the cloud was looked upon with skepticism and reluctance. Today, the cloud represents the way Cloud Storageto do business. As a result, file sharing services like Dropbox, Box, Google Drive and OneDrive have established themselves at the forefront of the industry. These services – especially Dropbox – have become extremely popular among consumers and, as a result, have found their way into many businesses. While this is a boon for collaboration and efficiency, these services lack the security and administration features critical to business. What’s more, as workers bring their own devices, it is frequently the consumer versions of these services that are being used, rather than their business-level counterparts. In fact, according to some researchers, paid subscriptions to Dropbox (i.e. the ones with some business-level features) account for only .03% of all Dropbox installs. 

I.T. Ranger ShareSync

Built from the ground up for business, I.T. Ranger ShareSync bring the best features of sharing and collaboration together with robust security and administration. We don’t just do user files; ShareSync will also make your on-premise file server accessible in the cloud with the same security and administration features. No matter which version you buy, ShareSync gives you enterprise-level security and features at a consumer level price-point.

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Security & Admin Control

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While many of the business-grade features are available across all services, I.T. Ranger ShareSync sets itself apart in security, permissions control and administration. What’s more, you get our 99.999% uptime guarantee. That means our service is down less than 6 minutes per year. No one else even comes close to that level of service.

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