There’s Never Been a Better Office

If you have been thinking of moving to the cloud, now is the time! But don’t settle for any old Office 365 solution, get the right one for your business. If security, Office 365compliance and continuity concerns have been holding you back – Office 365 from The I.T. Ranger may be just what you’ve been waiting for. Gone are the days of expensive Office upgrades. Now for a nominal monthly fee, you can have the most secure, feature-rich office suite on the planet.

The latest Microsoft Office gives your company the ability to create and collaborate with a power and flexibility across multiple devices, locations & platforms.  Your employees never again have to worry about compatibility issues between Office versions. Additionally, security vulnerabilities because of out-of-date software are a thing of the past.

Office 365 – Power for Your Business

No matter if you’re a startup entrepreneur or a Fortune 500 company, The I.T. Ranger offers a version of Office 365 to fit your needs. The I.T. Ranger offers online apps and email to the full suite of locally installed applications. We offer the full power of Office, including Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Pubisher, Access, OneNote, Teams, Skype, Project and Sharepoint. Office 365 also has tight integration with ShareSync, so you can leverage the power of secure collaboration, versioning and audit trails with your documents. With Office 365, your business can also leverage the power of Microsoft’s Azure Cloud, Cortana and machine learning developments from one of the largest tech companies in the world.

Work Tailored to You

Thanks to Office 365 cross-platform compatibility, you can begin editing a document on your PC at work, continue working on that same document on your Mac at home and then send it to your boss where she can approve changes on her Android. For the first time ever, there is feature parity across devices and platforms, allowing users to choose the device they enjoy most without sacrificing features or functionality.

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