The New Standard in Email

Microsoft Exchange is the de facto standard for business email. The old way to employ Exchange was to build and maintain your own server. For businesses, this meant:

  • Significant capital expenditure
  • Long-term maintenance cost
  • Assumed risk for downtime
  • On-premise expertise to maintain
  • Unpredictable reliability
  • Costly failover solutions

Fortunately, there is a better way – ITR Hosted Exchange:

  • Higher reliability through hosting on more robust infrastructure
  • Zero maintenance costs
  • Risk is now on the host provider rather than you
  • Minimal up-front expenditures
  • Predictable monthly cost
  • Financially backed guaranteed uptime

The I.T. Ranger Hosted Exchange Platform

With The I.T. Ranger Hosted Exchange Platform, you are employing the very best technology for your email service. Our U.S. based data centers have multipleITR Hosted Exchange redundant Internet and power connections protected by biometric security and 24/7/365 security. In addition, our service is so reliable, we guarantee less than six minutes of unplanned downtime per year or we financially compensate you.

If your business is in (or works with) an industry that demands a certain level of compliance, you can rest easy knowing that our platform meets or exceeds FINRA, SEC, SOX, HIPPA and a host of other compliance regulations. We also perform independent, third-party audits of our data centers to SSAE 16 Type-II standards. Find out more about our compliance standards.

Our Exchange platform supports policy-based and mailbox level encryption so your emails are secure. If you use a third-party service such as ProofPoint, we can give you equivalent encryption on a single system (less people handling your sensitive email). We also provide archiving and e-Discovery services so if you are ever involved in litigation, your emails can be easily searched, verified tamper-proof and validated for submission in a court of law.

To see how we compare to on-premise and Office 365, download our Datasheet.

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