Too Many Cloud Apps?

In the days of desktop-based applications, it was easy for employees to find and launch the tools they needed to use. Today, we use cloud-based apps with dramatic benefits to IT and employees alike. But we’ve learned there’s such a thing as too many apps. Employees waste far too much time hunting for logins and remembering multiple passwords. ConnectID brings a secure solution.

ConnectID Can Help

connectidConnectID provides a single point of access to an employee’s entire cloud footprint—with just one password to remember. This makes it far easier for employees to find and access apps, which means they can remain focused on doing their jobs. ConnectID also reduces the number of password support requests generated by users.

In addition, applications can be segmented into groups with different assigned users. This prevents one department from being able to access the resources of another, providing even more security. You can configure thousands of pre-built apps and websites, or create ones specific to your business.

Finally, ConnectID allows you access to a detailed audit trail showing each users app permission and activity. User passwords for single-sign on can also be reset or revoked by an administrator, providing even greater security and administrative control.

Watch the video below for more details or use the form to find out how we can deploy ConnectID in your business.