Technology ConsultingThe I.T. Ranger understands the difficulties that come with implementing new technology in business. We know that it can be a frustrating and sometimes scary process. Too often we hear the horror stories of people who invested thousands of dollars into a solution that wasn’t a good fit for their business and now don’t know what to do. If you start with the right solution, you end up with less stress, more productivity and a position for better growth.

That’s why The I.T. Ranger offers business technology consulting services for small & medium-sized businesses. We know the pitfalls of starting a business and the confusion of what technology solutions give the best bang-for-the-buck. We analyze your needs, the direction you want to go and provide you with both recommendations and solutions to help you lay a solid foundation for growth.

In addition, because of our experience in the healthcare and financial industries, we know the compliance requirements. We can tailor solutions to help your business maintain compliance and accelerate growth. We’d love to talk more about the vision you have for your business and what technologies can help you get there.

We offer four packages to help get you started:

  • Lone Ranger Package – Solopreneur’s launching a startup need to get the most out of their investments. We know that course well and have insightful recommendations on making the most of your technology investments.
  • Posse Package – Micro-businesses (those with less than 5 employees) make up 92% of the businesses in America and are reshaping the dynamic of commerce. Key technology investments can lay the foundation for sustainable rapid growth in the future.
  • Pioneer Package – Reaching the stage where your business has reached the tipping point is exciting. At this stage, it’s critical to make technology investments in infrastructure & management so you can continue to extend your reach and capitalize on momentum.
  • Ranch Package – You’re a full-blown, firing on all cylinders, established business, but you’re looking to expand. This is often the point where businesses do not hesitate to spend big bucks to get what they want, but it’s also where many businesses get taken. We have the recommendations – tailored to your industry – to help you understand what technology you need to manage what you have and expand into new territories and markets.

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