Your Business, No Matter What

Imagine if disaster were to strike your company – how quickly could you recover? If you woke up tomorrow and your office building was gone, would your data go withdisaster-preparedness it? We hope that never happens, but we also have to face the harsh realities of not only natural disasters, but also malicious attacks by cyber criminals (click here for our ransomware datasheet) and catastrophic hardware failures. If you think that disaster is unlikely to strike, consider this: the top two causes of data loss in business are hardware failure and human error. No business is immune from those factors. In business continuity, there are three key elements: Resilience, Recovery and Contingency. In any disaster, it is critical that data can be accessed and restored quickly. The I.T. Ranger has tools to help you develop, deploy and – if necessary – execute your business continuity and data recovery strategy.

Backup the Smart Way

Secure Backup in Real-time

Many backup solutions only backup your files on a set schedule. With ShareSync® by The I.T. Ranger, you get real-time encrypted backup of your data. Yoursharesync-logo-text information is encrypted in transit and encrypted again on our secure servers. We keep unlimited versions of your files, so in the event of disaster, you can restore the latest version of your files or any of the previous versions (critical in cases of ransomware attacks).

ShareSync also allows granular control of user access and permissions, so you can share files easily and still control who can see, edit and share your data. Administrators can backup and restore files for users across the hall or around the world. And if someone leaves the company, you can remotely wipe all ShareSync data from their device, whether that’s a computer, smartphone or tablet.

Integrate Your Existing File Server

If you have lots of users who all connect to a central file server, you can install I.T. Ranger ShareSync on the file server and use the same robust encryption and real-time backup to send your file server data to the cloud. By integrating your file server into ShareSync you not only get enterprise-class data backup, you also enable secure access to that data to remote users far from your local network. Remote and local users can then collaborate on documents securely and in real-time just as if they were working in the same office.

ShareSync by The I.T. Ranger offers the highest level of resiliency because all of your important files are backed up to our two redundant data centers. If disaster strikes a user, file server or your entire company, you can still securely access all your files from any tablet, smartphone or computer so your business can keep running. Once hardware is repaired or replaced, ShareSync can load the very latest versions of your data onto your new hardware, providing seamless continuity for your business.

Restore with Simplicity

data-restore-buttonIf the unthinkable happens and you suffer a catastrophic loss of data, I.T. Ranger ShareSync has you covered. Because ShareSync saves multiple versions of files, even if your files are lost, damaged or encrypted by hackers for ransom, the most complete untarnished version can be easily reloaded from the exact time and date you need. In addition, IT administrators within your company can remotely manage files across users and devices.

Data recovery is super simple with ShareSync. Users can restore their own files back to their computers through the web interface or administrators can restore files on a per user or per device basis through the ShareSync Admin Console.

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