Security is Not Optional

A Dynamic Threat

Computer viruses have always been one of the biggest threats to computer and network security. Email was a common delivery method for years. Eventually, people got more cautious about email attachments, antivirus scans of email and its attachments got more robust and the hackers moved on to other ways to exploit the web.

Every year, the exploits get more sophisticated and computer users (Mac & PC alike) are forced to find the best solutions to defend themselves. Like everything in technology, things change quickly. A solution that was effective at the beginning of the year, may not be effective at the end. Whether for your home or business, you need protection that adapts quickly to the dynamic threats of malware.

A Clear Solution

The I.T. Ranger is proud to partner with Webroot, one of the standout leaders in the antivirus industry. We’ve coupled their robust, real-time, always-up-to-date webroot-antivirusantivirus with our powerful managed services to offer a complete and well-supported antivirus solution. Webroot SecureAnywhere is cloud-based antivirus that continually updates itself with definitions on all that latest threats and runs an advanced heuristic engine to protect against those threats that have yet to be discovered.

The I.T. Ranger constantly monitors the status of your protection. If a computer fails to update or threats are detected, we know about it and will address whatever issues may arise. Webroot and The I.T. Ranger support both Macs and PCs.

The Ransomware Answer

Ransomware can strike any system at any time, affecting workstations, servers, even your onsite and cloud backups. From the time a ransomware virus hits your machine until it presents you with the demand for payment is usually less than 60 seconds.


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Even the very best antivirus programs out there won’t catch many of the ransomware variants today until it’s too late. Being able to clean up the virus after your files are encrypted is next to pointless. That’s why The I.T. Ranger offers our Endpoint Protection Guardian (EPG) that monitors processes, behind-the-scenes authorization requests and suspicious file activity to stop a ransomware infection before it begins encrypting your files. Not only does the EPG not rely on signature-based detection or virus definition updates, it learns new patterns in malware deployments to even more effectively block zero-day threats, providing you with the most advanced security.

Take Proactive Action Today

With The I.T. Ranger Endpoint Protection Guardian and Webroot SecureAnywhere, we give you the most complete security protection available.  We not only highly recommended these tools for you and your business, we rely on them ourselves to help protect our tablets and workstations at The I.T. Ranger. For literally pennies a day, you can get the best protection out there backed by personal, robust support. We’re so confident that we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. Try it, buy it and if you’re not completely satisfied, we’ll give you a full refund. Use the form on the right to submit your order.