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Innovative Solutions

Commerce is more dynamic than ever, with rapid changes and fluctuations across industries, corporations and lines of business. In a world of such change, large corporations often struggle to adapt quickly, while small and medium-sized businesses struggle to keep pace.  At The I.T. Ranger, we know that technology can help solve both sides of that equation, with flexible systems built on rock solid architecture. We are innovators who believe that cutting edge technology doesn’t have to make you bleed.

Business Forward

We can help your business – whether 5 or 5,000 – to operate more efficiently with less overhead, reducing capital expenditures and helping your people to focus on what they do best – your business. Since no two businesses are alike, our solutions are custom-designed for your business to help leverage the unique attributes of your company using the latest technology. Our services can streamline your operations, reduce the burden of management and move your business forward with great strides.

Your Business: Fortune 15 Style

The Scenario:

An unsuspecting employee clicks into an email they shouldn’t. In seconds, they get a popup telling them the files on their computer are encrypted and you only need to pay $7,000 to have them decrypted. Even better, because their workstation has network drives mapped to your server, everything on your server gets encrypted as well. Now, those same messages start popping up on computers all around the office. Before you hit an all out panic, you remember that you have a backup system. Whew! You go to check your backups, all  the while thinking that you’ve successfully conquered your first ransomware encounter. The triumphant music fades to horror as you realize you can’t access your backup files because they’re corrupt and no one has bothered to verify them in months. The sinking feeling in your stomach returns and you wonder what you’re going to do.

Now, imagine you’ve employed The I.T. Ranger to manage your technology. With our antivirus solution and one of our unified threat management platforms in place, there’s a very good chance you’ll never even see such a popup. But if you did, after a phone call to us, we would deploy one of our ransomware cleanup tools to remove the infection. And because your file server and workstations have been backing up in real time to our secure data center, you’re able to restore the latest unencrypted versions of all your files in a matter of minutes. That sinking feeling? It only lasts a moment. The ransomware attack? It’s little more than a blip in your work week.

Imagine your business technology:

  • Your communications platform allows you to not only make phone calls from your office extension anywhere in the world, it provides advanced conference calling, chat and webmeeting features so you can collaborate with clients, vendors and staff across the hall or across the world – at a fraction of the cost of traditional systems.
  • Your email runs in the cloud, encrypted against prying eyes and securely archived for industry compliance.
  • Your server and all its applications run from a secure data center with redundant cooling, power and Internet connections – always on, always available from wherever you are.
  • Every service has a downtime of less then six minutes per year (99.999% uptime)  with no hardware for you to maintain other than your local area network.
  •  We deploy our services on the same platforms as Fortune 15 companies without the Fortune 15 overhead.

Battle-tested Onboarding

The I.T. Ranger Onboarding Concierge will design a migration plan to reduce disruption and minimize downtime. We will work with you and any other vendors (teleco providers, email hosts, IT consultants) to test your network, transfer services and move data with as little disruption to your operation as possible. In addition, we’ll set proper expectations and keep you informed every step of the way.

Clear Support Procedures

Before you sign on the dotted line, we’ll give you extensive documentation on our support procedures, availability, turnaround time and point of contact. We’ll make sure you’re comfortable with every aspect of our support. With our advanced ticketing system, whenever you contact us, we will generate a support ticket so that we maintain a record of progress, clear documentation and accountability.

Secure & Compliant

Security breaches and data leaks are an almost daily occurrence. That’s why it’s important (critical depending on your industry) that your infrastructure meets or exceeds the sometimes dizzying array of rules that define regulatory compliance. All of The I.T. Ranger services that pertain to your data meet or exceed regulatory compliance across a variety of industries. To find out more, go to our Regulatory Compliance section.

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