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There are many San Antonio IT support companies offering a wide variety services with broad variations in both quality and commitment. The I.T. Ranger has been serving the San Antonio and surrounding areas since 2008 with personable, innovative technology support solutions for business. We have focused our San Antonio IT support services around robust, industry compliant technology that truly makes enterprise-class technology solutions available to any size business.

Enterprise-Class Technology

You don’t conduct business out of your mom’s basement and neither do we. With The I.T. Ranger, every service we offer, from our IT management and support services to our cloud phone system to our web host platform is built on enterprise-grade hardware housed in co-located data centers with biometric security and redundant Internet, power and cooling systems. We can encrypt everything from your email and data backup to your voice and chat communications.

San Antonio IT Support Services

Our San Antonio IT support services allow you to offload part or all of your IT management to The I.T. Ranger, allowing you to focus on what you do best in your business. We provide you with varying levels of service depending on your needs, so you can defer as much or as little of the management of your technology infrastructure as you like.

  • Remote monitoring and maintenance
  • Workstation patch management
  • Real-time anti-malware
  • Remote IT support
  • On-site IT support
  • Data backup and recovery
  • Network monitoring
  • Server management

Cloud Communication Services

  • Hosted Exchange email
  • ShareSync secure backup & collaboration service
  • Skype for Business secure text, voice and video chat
  • Office 365
  • Cloud phone system
  • Cloud server

What Sets Us Apart

In a sea of support vendors, we know that just offering great services is not enough. When you bring The I.T. Ranger in to support your business, you’re getting far more than nerds with tools. We take great pride in our services, but what is much more valuable to us is the relationship between our two companies. We believe that the best support combines innovative technology with a personal approach. With The I.T. Ranger you get:

  • Personal support – You won’t get outsourced technical support or blanket solutions. We strongly believe in answering the phone and providing you with solutions tailored to your business. We believe that successful businesses thrive in strong relationships, so whether you’re in town or across the country, we make communication a priority.
  • Enterprise-class solutions – Some IT support companies are interested in selling you a new server for your closet, backing up your data to their own shop or putting a bulky phone system in your office. That’s not us. We deploy the same technology solutions and platforms used by dozens of Fortune 500 companies utilizing multi-million dollar data centers, military-grade encryption and financially-backed service level agreements.
  • Forward thinking – Your business needs solutions that are designed to grow with you, adapt to your workflow and keep pace with the rapidly changing landscape of commerce. We’ve designed our services infrastructure to be: 1) extremely secure 2) highly scalable and 3) rapidly deployable.
  • Innovative service – We’re not going to roll out the latest technology trends just to be cool; we rely on proven and robust technologies for our services. But we are also not constrained by outdated methods, processes or thinking. We’ve had our finger on the pulse of the telecommunications and IT support industries for almost twenty years, giving us the expertise to look at rapid developments in the light of long-term industry trends.

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