itr-hosted-pbxBusiness phone systems used to be large, cumbersome, expensive pieces of equipment. They were limited in their features and capabilities and were expensive to upgrade if your business was growing. Those systems were designed and built for an age of technology that is in its twilight. The future is low-cost, highly reliable, feature rich unified communications platforms.

RangerVox systems combine rock-solid servers, powerful software and highly reliable carrier platforms to deliver the finest VoIP phone service.

With RangerVox Cloud (powered by 3CX), your phone system lives in the cloud, but unlike most VoIP services we offer unparalleled quality and reliability. Our carrier platform prioritizes your voice traffic on its own dedicated infrastructure across the internet. We also test your local area network to troubleshoot bottlenecks and possible problems at the local level before we ever even deploy your phones. We want to make sure that your phone service is stellar from beginning to end.

RangerVox phone systems are backed by our enterprise-class data centers and 99.999% up time. Wherever Fanvil X4S SIP Phonein the world you have Internet access, you can take your phone. We can deploy a best-in-class phone system for your business anywhere in the world you have reliable broadband internet. With app clients for Android and iOS, you can put your office extension on your cell phone. With separate ringtones, voicemail and outbound caller ID, it is literally like having your desk phone in your pocket.

3CX Web Client IP Phone System3CX Web Client IP Phone SystemIn addition, with the built-in web client, you can access call logs, check voicemail, change see extension status of fellow workers, change your own status and much more. Because of the flexibility of the cloud, the full power of the web client is available anywhere you have internet access.

The web client also allows you to set up and schedule conference calls as well as the built-in web meeting functions, allowing premiere, next generation communication and collaboration with co-workers across the hall and around the world.