Reports of data breaches and ransomware attacks are an almost weekly occurrence.  Every organization needs to have a plan in place to survive such ansharesync-logo-text attack. ShareSync by The I.T. Ranger is designed to be the core of your data backup, recovery and collaboration platform. With real-time, always-on backups, your data is continually being sent to our secure cloud. Military-grade encryption is used to secure your data both at rest and in transit.

If you are hit by ransomware, ShareSync keeps multiple versions of your files, so you can simply restore the unencrypted versions of your files and you’re back on track. ShareSync also allows you to collaborate on files across your workstations, tablets and mobile phones. Files and folders can be made accessible across multiple computers, tablets and smartphones, with granular user permissions for each file and folder. In addition, if an employee leaves the company, all the ShareSync data can be remotely wiped and an audit log lets you know who accessed what files and when.