Email InfrastructureMicrosoft Exchange is the de facto standard in business email, with tight integrations, robust features and solid performance. Exchange empowers you not only with powerful email, but shared calendar, contacts and resource folders to maximize collaboration across your organization.

In order to take advantage of the benefits of Exchange, it used to be required to have an Exchange server on site. That meant large capital expenditures, high maintenance costs and significant upgrade costs over the life of the server. Not to mention, if you lose power or Internet at your office, then you email stops working.

Fortunately, there is a better way. The I.T. Ranger provides Microsoft Exchange hosted in secure, U.S.-based co-located data centers with redundant power, Internet and cooling systems. This means:

  • High reliability (99.999% uptime)
  • Zero maintenance costs
  • Predictable monthly expense
  • Unlimited storage
  • Optional industry compliant archiving & encryption