Numbered are the days of maintaining a big, noisy server in your office. With our new cloud server solution, you can have Ranger Cloud Server Infrastructureeverything you expect from an on-premise server: applications, file server, active directory, terminal services and more. All our cloud servers run solid state drives for the fastest performance and have a 99.999% uptime.  You can also deploy multiple servers and they will communicate with each other across their own private network. You can also geolocate your servers in the US, Europe or Asia.

Your cloud server can be uniquely customized with disk space, network bandwidth, memory and number of processors. You pay a simple, flat, predictable monthly fee and eliminate the headaches of downed servers, costly maintenance and paid support staff. If you need us to migrate your system from on-premise to the cloud, we do that, too. Leverage the power of the cloud with robust infrastructure, powerful processing and ultra-reliable uptime.