Alert: Update Your Flash to Avoid Ransomware

If you have a computer running Windows, Mac OS, Linux or Chrome OS, you need to update your Adobe Flash.  Adobe released a security bulletin last week detailing an exploit in Flash player that allows a hacker to gain access to your computer to encrypt your files and demand payment to decrypt them.

You can get the update through the Adobe Update Utility or by going to the Flash Player Download Center.  If you’re on Windows or Mac, the version you want is, which includes the patch that fixes the vulnerability.  If you’re on Linux, version is what you need.  If you use Chrome or Chrome OS, Flash player will be automatically updated.

This is obviously a cross-platform exploit and a great example of why even Mac users need a good antivirus.  These types of exploits, affecting programs or scripts that run on multiple platforms will become more and more prevalent as hackers are able to impact a far larger number of users.  Having robust antivirus, especially a cloud-based version that updates instantly is a no-brainer in defending yourself against attacks such as this one.  Click the banner below for a special 50% off discount on Webroot SecureAnywhere.  It’s the anti-virus I use and recommend.

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