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We know there are a lot of IT professionals out there that you could use. In the San Antonio and Texas Hill Country area, we probably know (and respect) a lot of them. So what are the benefits of The I.T. Ranger?

Support is always there for you

Technology can be frustrating – we get that. We also get that trouble doesn’t happen on a schedule. If your network goes down or your phones stop working, you need help now. Some IT service providers only provide support during business hours or rely on an overloaded helpdesk system with no guarantee of support. That’s why we give you multiple channels of support (phone, webmeetingchat, email, helpdesk) so that you can get to us quickly.

Security is at the forefront

With hackers constantly finding new and innovative ways to exploit users, the security of your data and your network is critical. Whether we’re deploying new routers and network infrastructure, installing a phone system or setting up email, security is always in our minds. All of our cloud-based services (hosted Exchange email, ShareSync data backup, phone systems, ConnectID) are government and industry compliant. Our focus on security means you’re getting the benefit of proactive protection across your entire infrastructure.

We don’t hide behind technology

We’ve all had the experience of calling tech support only to sit on hold and then talk to someone with a thick foreign accent named “John.” If you’re in San Antonio, New Braunfels, San Marcos or the Texas Hill Country you’ll get to see our smiling faces. If you’re not in the area, we’re still accessible by phone, email, chat and Skype. We deploy and support all of our cloud infrastructure services, antivirus solutions and web design projects no matter where you are. No matter what, we’ll make sure you get to speak to a real person.

Innovation without the bleeding edge

The I.T. Ranger believes strongly that technological innovation can transform a business from ordinary to extraordinary. But, technology innovations are being released almost every day. How do you know what to implement and what to ignore? Trying to grab a hold of the latest trend, roll it out to your business, train your employees and then watch it crash and burn is not only deeply frustrating, it can be very costly. We’ve had our finger on the pulse of the telecommunications and IT support industries for almost twenty years, giving us the expertise to look at rapid developments in the light of long-term industry trends.

Integrated experience from actual humans

At The I.T. Ranger, we have experience in a lot of areas, from networking & security to data backup & antivirus to phone systems &  websites. This not only means we’re able to offer you a range of services, we understand how all that technology works together. This  integrated technology platform ensures all your tech works together. What’s more, we can explain everything in normal, everyday English, without all the techno-babble.

Amazing uptime

Our cloud services have a guaranteed uptime of 99.999%, which means you’re virtually never down. That means less time spent troubleshooting and more time for you to actually do business.

Security & Compliance

Let’s face it, the nerd in his garage can launch an IT managed services company, but he’s not going to be compliant with any of the privacy and security standards for business. In fact, there are lots of IT managed service providers out there running shops of 10, 15, 25 people or more who can’t match our level of security, privacy and regulatory compliance. If security and compliance are important for your business, use the buttons below to see how we stack up.

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